Home Office Setup

COVID-19 has brought about a profound transformation in the way we work. We have come to realize that our resilience and effectiveness do not depend on a physical workspace, but rather on our shared values and common purpose.

This post will detail the equipment and setup I currently employ in my home office, which serves as my primary workspace when I am not traveling.

The approach I’ve adopted is minimalistic.



  • Desk: IKEA LAGKAPTEN ALEX + CO-Z Soporte de Escritorio Eléctrico
  • Chair: MARKUS Office chair
  • Monitor: Benq PD2700U
  • Desktop: Mac Mini (2018, i5, 32Gb, 1Tb)
  • Headphones: Air Pods Pro
  • Keyboard: Magic Keyboard
  • Mouse: Magic Trackpad
  • Web Camera: NexiGo N930AF

Travel kit

  • MacBook Pro (2021, M1, 32Gb, 1Tb)
  • iPdad Pro 11" + Magic Keyboard + Apple Pencil


My software setup may seem unexciting…

I’m currently running the latest macOS, utilizing the default apps that come with it, such as Notes, Calendar, and Mail. I find this setup convenient because I have two different Macs, and the built-in syncing capabilities make it easy to access my data across platforms.

When it comes to specific tasks, I manage my to-dos using Things, create presentations with Keynote, and do my coding work in VS Code. For video conferencing, my primary choices are FaceTime and Zoom. For creating drawings - I rely on Excalidraw and I’m hopeful that Freeform will eventually reach the same level of functionality and features 🤞🏻.

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2022-12-28 11:49